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Rhipsalis grandiflora - Rhipsalis lindbergiana - Rhipsalis shaferi - Rhipsalis lindbergiana - Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa - Rhipsalis grandiflora

Product code: CactusByJNRose(1919)V4-21
Fine art print from the (1) Fruiting branch of Rhipsalis grandiflora. (2) Flowering branch of Rhipsalis lindbergiana. (3) Fruiting branch of Rhipsalis shaferi. (4) Flowering and fruiting branch of Rhipsalis lindbergiana. (5) Flowering plant of Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa. (6) Flowering branch of Rhipsalis grandiflora, reproduced by Segas Picture Gallery.
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Product Code CactusByJNRose(1919)V4-21
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