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Horse racing prints and antique pictures

If you love artwork, Segas Picture Gallery offer you a huge collection of antique art prints to choose from. We're a web-based business so you can visit our online store today or contact us with your enquiry.

An art lovers’ paradise 

Segas Picture Gallery was established 23 years ago and is best described as a complete collection of artwork, promoting and marketing the world-leading 1800s artists and their works of art. Originally based around our equestrian knowledge, we are now introducing exciting new ranges of products in addition to the uniquely-produced range of horse racing photographs dating from 1950 to 1980.
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Our fine art prints include:

  • Horse racing prints
  • Horse racing personalities
  • Nautical and military images
  • Horticultural
  • Animals, insects and birds
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High-quality prints in various sizes

All our images are printed on matt fine art textured A4 285gsm paper. Our prints can also be ordered on glossy super premium 280gsm paper and other paper sizes.

You can order our prints in bulk quantities if required and we also ship worldwide. If you have any specific requirements, please contact our team in Wragby, Lincolnshire.
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To place an order, please visit our online store, where you can view our full range of horse racing prints and other collections. If you have more specific requirements, please contact our team in Wragby, Lincolnshire.
01673 858 098 or 07825 618 166

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